We have an exceptionally high work ethic and motivation. Our professionals‘ primary focus is on the care and assistance of those in need. Our nursing staff’s integration into Germany is equally critical. We’ll be by your side from the beginning, both in your home country and Germany.


  • Our qualified nurses have undergone either a three-year training programme in their home country to become health and nursing professionals (job titles vary by nation) or a university degree in this field.
  • They also have at least two years of professional experience.


  • Our nurses receive focused German language training so they can communicate seamlessly upon arrival in Germany. Plus, we prepare the professionals for work and life in their new home through regular exchange and extensive support.
  • We will not stop there. We do everything we can to make your life as easy as possible. We assist you with bureaucratic hurdles, apartment hunting, organisational issues and themes close to our forces‘ hearts, such as later family reunification.
  • As part of our onboarding process, we match new nurses with existing staff who can serve as mentors. This gives them hands-on experience as well as a point of contact in case of anything. Our objective is to foster a positive work atmosphere where patients come first.